CEAACC Revolving Gallery

Believing in: art, community, & YOU.

CEAACC's Revolving Gallery was established in 2018, with the aim to provide local artists with an opportunity to exhibit, gain experience & recognition, and receive constructive feedback to support artistic development.

The CEAACC Revolving Gallery offers exhibition space for a period of 6 weeks.  As a counselling and wellbeing organisation, this time-frame allows for a thorough turn-a-round of viewers, and for conversation and interest to evolve... 

CEAACC's Revolving Gallery welcomes a broad range of art and themes. If you're an artist, and interested in learning more/exhibiting with us, please contact us via our Contact Page. 



















































Please see below for artist feedback, press releases, and previous artists.

Current Artist:
Jennifer St Quintin
August 9th- September 27th 2021

Jennifer St Quintin is a local Ely artist... Her exhibition, "Out of the Darkness" is a beautifully woven story of challenge, depression, but also hope and light....    

Artist Feedback:

"The opportunity to put my work in this exhibition has been a really amazing experience for me. The feedback and comments have been wonderful. Connecting with others through your work is really what you hope for as an artist, and to do so about an issue that can be so isolating is, well honestly I don’t really have the words, overwhelming, emotional, heart warming, special, I could go on! 

Additionally this has given me confidence to actually call myself an artist and start setting myself up to market more widely, spreading the message further afield. To help others find that small piece of colour in the darkness."  Jennifer St Quintin

"I'm very grateful for this opportunity to share my traditional art with others. As a full-time effects artist my creativity is normally very controlled by others and constrained by defined art-styles, so this whole experience has been so freeing and such a confidence boost. I think a lot of artists, especially those who are only just beginning to share their personal art with the world can often struggle with imposter syndrome, but I think it's important to remember that art isn't defined by how 'good' one perceives their skills to be but what emotions the art can evoke in the viewer and also in the artist when they're creating their work. The feedback I've received throughout the exhibition is encouraging me to continue and grow as an artist." Selena McCabe

"Painting has given me a calm and peaceful focus. If I feel a dip in my mood, I dip my paintbrush into my wonderful watercolours and the magic begins. The paint spreads and evolves and takes me with it. As I listen to music and paint my spirit lifts. I paint in the early mornings, sometimes walking first to see a glorious sunrise. I know I will always paint now. It's opened up the beginning of a certain pride in me. It's such a good feeling. 


Thank you to all of you at CEAACC for making this possible, for bringing me that calm, peaceful and positive focus into my life." Victoria Wood

Previous Artists: